• The Advantages of Hiring a Professional to Write a Resume

    The way a resume is crafted can make or break opportunities. That resume can be used not only for sending in applications for jobs listed online, but posted on job search and networking sites. It can be sent to employment agencies that may have listings not made public online. Hiring Professional Resume Writers can be a smart option when someone wants to make sure the document will stand out in a crowd.


    Eliminating Misconceptions


    The teams at Professional Resume Writing Services know the most impressive aspects of these documents and they also understand misconceptions many people have. One important example is the instruction many men and women hear about keeping their resume down to one page only. Yet research shows that employers are more likely to hire applicants who have submitted two-page resumes. For those who have a significant number of achievements, limiting the resume to one page is detrimental.


    When More Than Editing and Proofreading Is Needed


    A professional Resume Writer is especially helpful when someone needs more than editing and proofreading. This man or woman has a list of previous jobs with the current position at the top, along with details about education and perhaps a certification, award or other important accomplishment. Yet writing an actual resume is daunting for this individual. The professional writer knows how to turn that list into an attention-catching document.


    Expanding the Details


    These specialty writers also know the questions to ask of the client, as noteworthy information might have been left out. Especially if the resume is a bit brief and the client doesn't have many jobs to list, accomplishments can be expanded upon with more details added.


    After Posting and Sending


    With a resume crafted by an agency such as APEX Career Services, the person will be surprised at how many potential employers make contact through networking and job search websites. This man or woman must also complete at least a brief, professional profile, but having the resume there lets the hiring department see all the pertinent details.


    After sending a resume for a posted job opening, the person may want to give the company a call or send an email. Since most applications are completed online now, the person can make this contact within a few days. The applicant wants to confirm that the documents have been received and politely express strong interest in the position. This shows the company that the individual is diligent and truly wants this particular job.